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Mars Hydro Hydroline12 LED Hydroponic Growing Kit for Seedling and Clone

  • Overall Wattage: 24W
  • Plant Capacity: 12 pods
  • Tank Capacity: 6L
Mars Hydro Hydroline12 is a home hydroponic garden kit and cloning machine. It has a full-spectrum LED grow light to provide lighting energy for seedlings and vegetables; a powerful water pump to keep nutrients filled with oxygen; and 12 domes that serve as mini greenhouses for initial seedlings. With 2 growth modes (vegetable/flower), 4 timing options, and 5 luminosity settings, growers are free to configure the environment for germination and root cutting.

Mars Hydro UR 45(範囲120×60CM / 80W)植物育成LEDライト UV & IR サプリメント用

ワット数 - 45w(紫外線:30w、赤外線:15w) 紫外線バンド 365-420nm IRバンド: 730-745nm 白色フルスペクトル育成光栽培やその他の特定栽培で紫外線や赤外線を補い、開花や睡眠期間を誘発し、葉面積を増やし、植物を改善する。 栄養の質を高め、バイオマス生産を活性化させる。

Mars Hydro VG 80(範囲120×60CM / 80W)植物育成LEDライト