FC-E Series LED Grow Light

The FC-E Series is a value-for-money alternative to any multi-bar grow lights with the advantage of lower upfront costs and still providing exceptional yields, leveraging dense clusters of BridgeLux chips on every bar for a high intensity of indoor growing LED lighting experience for any type of indoor garden.

FC Series LED Grow Light

The FC Series LEDgrow lighting solutions feature horticulture-optimized Samsung LM301B chips with a uniform layout and full spectrum lighting to provide equal and high PPFD across the canopy and energy-efficient performance, producing indoor plants of uniform and consistent quality for grow rooms and vertical farms to achieve year-round bountiful harvests.

TS Series LED Grow Light

The TS series contains the best full spectrum grow led lights for indoor plants. As the best-selling garden plant light series, it provides enough PAR that is rich in red and blue for activating Photosynthesis from seed to harvest. The patented reflective hood would reduce light scattering and increase the light intensity allowing for good energy efficiency. The TS Series barely have competitors in its price range thanks to the rewarding grow lighting performance.

SP Series LED Grow Light

The SP Series LED grow lights are the best greenhouse grow lights. With a large number of chips organized on a single LED bar and fitted with thick-finned heat sinks, it provides premium light penetration and a high ratio of red light while remaining as cool as the ambient. Equipped with a dimmable feature, the SP Series helps to match the dynamic DLI of indoor plants.

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